Our Story

We Love Coffee!
But, more importantly,
We Love the People Who Love Each Other!

Welcome to The Fox & Goat Coffee Company! We started off as a joke gone horribly right and found ourselves leading others to a better future. If you have a minute or two, please listen to our story. Maybe we can find some common ground and you will feel as committed to our cause as we do.

The Fox & Goat Coffee Company

Fox & Goat

The Fox & Goat brand is something much more than just coffee. It is a movement! A movement Of, By, and For those who pour their very Soul into the passions that drive them to do better. Our Vision, Our Mission, Our Very Purpose is to revitalize the core of Society; the Real Heartbeat of Humanity! Our main focus has always been on the Small and Local People that truly make a difference in thier community. You will not find our products in any major stores, only places where the warm smile of the person meeting you at the door likely comes from the person that owns the place. We are adamantly opposed to giving to those who only seek a Dollar $ign! We aim to Reconnect America with the Small and Local, on a large scale, through Coffee (And so much more)! Will you aid us in our endeavor? Will you help us support the "Real People" of America? Please follow us on Parler and you can see the rest of our story unfold.



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Murfreesboro, TN
Phone: (931)409-4001
Email: [email protected]

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