About Us

The Fox & Goat Coffee Company is about more than just amazing coffee! We happen to be on a grand and noble mission! We have a goal of reconnecting people with the more important things in life… What kinds of things could we be speaking about?

One Another

No matter what walk of life you come from, what challenges you may face, or what motivations drive you to your destiny. One thing is for sure! We can all come together over an amazing cup of coffee! We at the Fox & Goat Coffee Company believe that our values can unify people to drive towards a better future for all! Care to join us on this glorious journey?

Small Business

We believe that you should know who you are buying from, so we’d like to introduce ourselves. We are Ryan and Kari, partners and friends for life est. 2006. We are not some massive corporation who cares only about making more money and sees you as just another faceless number. We are just two people trying to hold our values dear, make an honest living, and raise our family to respect Humanity and the Natural World! You are part of our family and we are honored that you chose to share in our vision.

Natural Wellness

We feel that the Natural World around us is filled with so much beauty and wonder that there are no words to describe it. This is what drives our Love of Natural Wellness. The way we define Natural Wellness is simple, really! Natural Wellness is healing our bodies, minds, and spirits with Nature while using those same aspects of ourselves to heal Nature! We are on this beautiful Earth, it supports us, it nourishes us, and we should strive to do the same to it!

The Fox & Goat Coffee Company is in every sense of the word a family business. We put our passion, creativity, heart and soul into everything we make. We Love our Natural World and cherish the gifts that it gives us. We want to see everyone who feels the same unified behind us as we reunite humanity with what is really important!